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What does health mean to you? - AXA - agence Publicis Conseil


What does health mean to you?


In this new multi-country campaign, developed by Publicis Conseil, AXA is asking a simple question: “What does health mean to you?” answered through a variety of scenes conveying individual responses.

Through this heart-warming piece of communication, AXA is showcasing its holistic view on health. For AXA holistic means seeing ‘health as a whole’, but not whole solutions for everyone: because your personality, your life stage is unique.

The film is directed by Danish director, Stefan Pflug, in collaboration with Frenzy Paris. Original music was scored by Gustav Karlstrom.



Discover the movie here :



This campaign puts ‘real-life’ at its heart, making the role of AXA part of a wider emotional story. With AXA, you can feel confident to take care of what’s important specifically for you and your family.

AXA keeps moving away from a problem/solution mechanic towards a more insightful and emotional tone through powerful storytelling.

It is also part of a new model of collaboration developed by Publicis Conseil and its network of international partners. A model that allows the sharing of insights and emulation between local creative talents in the service of the creation of shared communications.

This new operating model responds to AXA’s desire to associate its markets more closely with the development of its multi-country campaigns, while guaranteeing maximum consistency and economic efficiency.

This campaign will gradually be deployed through a multi-media plan: TV, digital, social, and print in Germany, Spain, UK, Mexico, Italy and France.


Credit sheet :

Advertising agency : Publicis Conseil

Director : Stefan Pflug

Producer : Capucine Charbonnier



  • Annonceur : AXA
  • Marque : AXA
  • Type de média : Télévision & Cinéma
  • Pays : allemagne
  • Date de mise en ligne : 8 novembre 2022


  • Agence : Publicis Conseil
  • Type d'agence :

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