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Last Comment - BURGER KING® - agence BUZZMAN

Context :
Burger King is coming back in France after 15 years.
A discreet comeback generating lots of rumors among the consumers but also within the press and the media, to the point that openings of restaurants became their only preoccupation.

So how to create engagement on a Facebook page with a small fan base when Facebook’s new algorithm disadvantages publications with no media support?

By giving the fans what they wanted the most: a chance to make Burger King open a restaurant in their cities just by commenting on a Facebook post. Community management 101. But if you want to win…you need to be the last one to comment!

The results:
+1 300 comments (still counting) in only 24 hours,
+65 000 people reached with a 4.5K fan base and no media support…
and an easy way for Burger King to know where to develop next.


  • Annonceur : BURGER KING®
  • Marque : BURGER KING®
  • Type de média : Digital / Étude de cas
  • 1ère diffusion : Avril 2014
  • Pays : france
  • Date de mise en ligne : 11 juin 2015


  • Agence : BUZZMAN
  • Type d'agence :


  • New York Festival 2015 : Finalist Direct & Collateral: Social Media & Viral Marketing

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