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Memorieslab is an experimental boutique photo lab which believes in the preservation of moments and emotions through high-quality prints. Inspired by the passing of time, Memorieslab unveils its very first brand campaign, Treasure Today, with a manifesto film created by Kids Love Jetlag and directed by Mathieu Cesar.

The film called “Treasure Today” is a visual poem edited in rewind full of symbolism, shot in the middle of the wide landscapes of Iceland: a DeLorean denotes humanity’s rush towards the future; the motorcyclist racing on a desert beach illustrates the fleeting trace we all leave on Earth; two old lovers represent true love.

Memorieslab reminds us that all these feelings and moments of life can be captured by a camera’s click.

Memorieslab has developed a complete line of product now displayed on their new website The lab specializes in recreating digital images using traditional techniques. Whether through digital laser exposures or contact printing digital negatives, the lab strives to empower contemporary photographers with the luxury of real gallery, museum and collector standard photographic prints. Exclusive shots from Iceland are already showcased on Memorieslab’s online gallery.

Memorieslab chose the creativity of Kids Love Jetlag (FF GROUP) to create and monitor the brand launch between the Paris and Shanghai offices. The brand movie represents the first milestone of a bigger campaign #Treasure Today. In the coming weeks, Memorieslab will continue to immerse its audience in an ode to monochrome, through an environment of new products, content and experiences.


  • Annonceur : MEMORIESLAB
  • Marque : MEMORIESLAB
  • Type de média : Digital, Film Web
  • 1ère diffusion : Octobre 2015
  • Pays : france
  • Date de mise en ligne : 21 octobre 2015


  • Agence : FF
  • Type d'agence :

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