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Type d' agence : Publicité / communication / 360

Open International Creative Community.
Independent creative boutique network.
Based in Los Angeles, New York, Shanghai, Paris.

850+ international awards and 25+ agency honors. Empowered by our connections with 200+ brands from 30+ industries / including major tech companies. Empowered by 100+ collaborations with leading influencers.

To emotionally connect your product / brand / company with existing or emerging audiences, and accelerate growth, seek and highlight a deeper meaning behind what you sell.
We are a creative community based in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Shanghai. A place where creative minds can thrive. Our talent is to find this deep meaning, to make it emotionally relevant and creatively engaging.

We embrace all new technologies, but we are media agnostic. Technology is the vehicle, emotion is the destination.

People are craving for meaning.
State something.

Compétences : Stratégie de communication, Radio, Presse, Affichage, Cinéma, Hors-média, Activation, Brand Content

Employés : 150. Groupe / réseau : FF (FF Los Angeles, FF New York, FF Shanghai, FF Paris). Prix obtenus : 283. Nombre de réalisations : 142. Nombre de clients : 115.

Réalisations de FF

Plateforme créative - Creative C


2018 iFashion AW - Taobao

Branded Content

Ouvert à tous – Campagne de communication - Basic-Fit

Télévision & Cinéma

Loud and Clear – Campagne Global - Stoli®

Télévision & Cinéma / Affichage

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Clients de l'agence FF

Creative C, Basic-Fit, Basic-Fit, Ligue Nationale de Rugby, WWF France, Stoli®, Stoli, Stoli®, Tara Expéditions, Tara Expéditions, Tara Expéditions, Tara Expéditions, AC Hotel by Marriott, Sea shepherd, Sea shepherd, Taobao, DIDI, DIDI, 24 Sevres, 24 Sevres, 24 Sevres, 24 Sevres, 24 Sevres, Audemars Piguet, Vivo, Google, HP OMEN, HP, HP, HP, Louis XIII, Louis XIII, TMALL, TMALL, #NOMOREBLACKTARGETS, Stage Entertainment, Libération, Libération, MEMORIESLAB, Memorieslab, HP FRANCE, Société Générale, BIOCOOP, BIOCOOP, GOV , EQUIDIA, CARAMBAR, PORSCHE, DIESEL, SENNHEISER, BONPOINT, BUTTERFLY TWISTS, AIR FRANCE, DIESEL, The Geek x vrv, On and On, The Geek x vrv, On and On, AIR FRANCE, AVENE, DIESEL, QUECHUA, BIOCOOP, ME&CITY, HUMANIS, Spontex, Shang-Xia, Qeelin - Kering Group, Glamour Sales, Garnier - L'Oreal Group, Avene, Miss O! - Orangina Schweppes France, Coyote, Vicomte A. , Fred & Farid Group (Fred & Farid Group), Fred & Farid Group (Fred & Farid Group), Fred & Farid Group, Kalenji - Oxylane Group, Equidia, La Redoute, Domyos - Oxylane Group, Orangina Schweppes France, Wezzoo, Bonjour Bonjour , Bonjour Bonjour, Shang Xia, Gastine Renette, Montblanc, Domyos, Porsche, Carambar, Diesel Parfums, Senseo, Oxelo , Tribord, Martini , WeightWatchers , Quechua, Orangina , Société Générale, Audi, Diesel, Lesieur, McVitie's , United Biscuits BN , Fuel For Life, Diesel, Wrangler , Paris Match , Euronews , Globe-Trotters , Orangina Red, Ricqles, Pulco , Schweppes , Orangina Light , Massivegood.

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Prix et récompenses de l’agence

  • Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity 2009 : Grand Prix Campaign Clothing, Footwear & Accessories

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