French chocolatier Le Chocolat des Français is famous for its portrayal of famous national figures on the packaging of its bars. But there's one issue... they're all men.

To mark International Women's Day on March 8, TBWAParis and directors and illustrators at Eddy Production have introduced four new inspirational figures to the line-up:

  • Alice Guy: Director, screenwriter, and producer who directed the first fiction film in cinema history.
    Marthe Gauthier: Physician and paediatrician, who discovered the chromosomal anomaly responsible for Down's syndrome.
    Olympe de Gouges: Politician and pioneer of feminism, who campaigned for gender equality to be enshrined in the French Constitution.
    Sophie Germain: Mathematician who worked on the elasticity of metals. Without her work, the Eiffel Tower would not exist.

Augmenting the designs are exclusive snapcodes. By scanning them with Snapchat, the illustrations come to life, offering a unique interactive experience featuring the four exceptional women.

What's more, for every block sold, €1 will be donated to the charity "Dans le Genre égales" which works to promote gender equality. Online, people are also invited to suggest new names of forgotten pioneers to expand the collection.