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Roastbrief – POSCA and TBWA\Paris release “STREET ART SCHOOL”


The 1st platform dedicated to art that's freely accessible, in the street, for everyone

The STREET ART SCHOOL by POSCA x TBWAParis “opens its doors” with an original concept: art and art history bursting out “around every corner,” freely accessible to all, from your smartphone.

The principle is simple: simply flash the QR code at the bottom of 9 works of Street Art scattered across three countries to access masterclasses offered by 3 art history professors, lecturers at leading Paris museums.

POSCA, the marker born over 40 years ago and now iconic, is committed through the STREET ART SCHOOL to making art accessible to as many people as possible, and to promoting Street Art as an essential movement in the history of the arts.


A school is a place of learning, but also of discovery and openness. These are exactly the values of the STREET ART SCHOOL: content is available free of charge from the street, in front of each work, using a QR Code to be scanned for direct access to the video podcasts.

You can also go directly to the website https://streetartschool.fr  to discover the many hours of free-access content!

Based on 9 works by international Street Artists from France, Switzerland, and Belgium, 9 video and audio art history podcasts have been created.

3 teachers and lecturers tackle themes as varied as portraiture, animal painting, calligraphy, light, perspective, flat colour, abstraction, still life, and figurative art. The first 6 themes are available now.

To offer even more content, the platform is collaborative. Street artists and art teachers can apply to take part in the campaign and propose new themes and content.


For over 40 years, POSCA, the iconic marker, has been offering unique creative tools to artists and amateurs alike.

Since its creation, POSCA has been committed to democratising access to art and creativity by building bridges between academic knowledge and popular street culture.

This is exactly the ambition of the STREET ART SCHOOL: to use a piece of street art in the heart of the city as a starting point for introducing students to the knowledge, techniques, and artists involved. To decipher art, differently.


For over 40 years, POSCA markers have been supporting creativity in all its forms: from Street Art to Fine Art, Illustration, Graffiti, Portraiture. and all forms of Customisation. POSCA’s launch of the Street Art School underlines the brand’s special role in the service of art.

POSCA creates an artistic dynamic for all audiences – artists and amateurs alike – on all media, for ephemeral or permanent creations.

The marker has been around in Japan since the early 80s, but it was a decade later in France, within the Graffiti community, that the real history of the brand began. From then on, the POSCA paint marker met with growing success within the artistic communities stemming from urban cultures, then more widely in Street Art and now with all lovers of creation, whether professionals or simple amateurs.

The popularity of the POSCA marker, practical and highly effective for graffiti, drawing, painting, or customising, has gradually spread far beyond the urban environment.

Today, the POSCA marker range comprises:

– 9 sizes and 6 different tip shapes, including the brand-new POSCA MOP’R

– 66 inimitably intense colours, including 8 metallic, 6 fluorescent and 8 glittery

POSCA’s universal credibility enables it to win over new enthusiasts every day.


Portraiture, based on a work by Lula Goce, on view at 9c Rue Jules Ferry, Chatou.

Animal Painting, based on a work by Kraken, on view at 48 Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris.

Calligraphy, based on the work “Prends Ton Temps” (Take Your Time) by Nasty, on view at 25 avenue du Technicum, Le Locle, Switzerland.

Light, based on the work “Architecture en Lumière” (Architecture in the light) by Diane Benoit Du Rey, on view at 11-19 Rue Voltaire, Vitry-sur-Seine, France.

Perspective, based on the work “S O I N – Struttura G076” by Giulio Vesprini, on view at the Viaduc de Lyons in Rouen.

Flat colour, based on the work “All Cats Are Beautiful” by Kashink, on view at 12 rue Scandicci, Pantin.


Abstraction, based on a work by Bebar, viewing at 81, Boulevard Massena, Paris.

Still Life, based on the work “Abondance” (Abundance) by Nadège Dauvergne, viewing at 13, Rue du Béguinage, Mons, Belgium.

Figurative Art, based on “Un Totem dans la Ville” (A Totem Pole in the City) by Da Cruz, viewing at 14 rue des Périchaux, Paris.

Credits : 

Client : Mélanie Lafarge, Magali Helies, Chloé Huaulmé, Samuel Rabreau

Agency :Jonathan Serog, Julia Montagu, Nina Fernandes

Executive Creative Directors : Benjamin Marchal et Faustin Claverie

Artistic Director : François Claux

Copywriter : Swann Richard

Motion Designer : Nicolas Duval & Kendra Anney

Digital Production Manager:
 Guillaume Rancurel

Developer : Sidney Bourgalle

CEO Else : Maxime Boiron

Head of Music and Sound : Olivier Lefebvre

Production and sound: Ambroise Cabry et Alexandre Robieux

Music AD: Ferdinand Huet

Music Legal & Business Affairs : Victoria Milward et Marion Le Guluche

Sound Coordinator : Mélissandre Mons

Art Buyer: Elise Kubler & Giulia Pecchenino

Legal: Virginia Palmieri, Maeva Zara et Guillaume Morier