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Inpes, key public player in charge of setting up public policies for health prevention and education, decided to launch a prevention campaign in order to fight against the alcohol excessive consumption.


Encourage regular excessive drinkers to think about their behaviour faced with alcohol.
Euro RSCG C&O decided to represent people in ordinary situations of alcohol drinking in order to induce the audience to identify with the characters in the film. The purpose was to underline denial strategies so as to reveal people’s own alcohol drinking problems.
Representing a loop, the TV spot shows daily and ordinary consumption situations: first, a man Christian, explains that he doesn’t have a problem with alcohol but it is Michel, a friend, who has a problem… The portraits follow one another; each character offloads the problem onto his friend who is supposed to be more concerned by alcohol. The loop closes on Christian.


The alcohol excessive consumption induces numerous medical, social and psychological risks.
Contrary to some received ideas, consumption modes of excessive drinkers don’t look like extreme form of alcoholic addiction but seem to be quite ordinary.
There is a taboo concerning excessive drinking because people don’t consider as an alcoholic addiction: especially men who nourish an emotional relationship to alcohol, which prevents them to appraise sanitary risks.
The INPES’ goals were to disrupt some received ideas concerning alcohol consumption and remind people of consumption risks thresholds: 2 glasses per day for women and 3 glasses per day for men.


BVA post-test:
• High recognition score: 3 /4 French people and 2/3 drinkers remember the advertising.
• High approval rate on :
– Credibility of delivered messages and the realism of the script
– The fact that the spot is informative and incite people to think about their own consumption modes
– The clarity of ad
– The originality of the ad
• For the first time during a post-test, Inpes obtains an attribution score higher than 10%
• The ad incites regular excessive drinkers to think (32%) and to reduce alcohol consumption (24%).


  • Annonceur : Institut National de Prévention & d'Education pour la Santé
  • Marque : INPES
  • Type de média : Télévision & Cinéma, Télévision
  • Pays : france
  • Date de mise en ligne : 28 février 2014


  • Agence : Havas Paris
  • Creative Director : Jérôme Galinha
  • Creative Director : Olivier Mouliérac
  • Copywriter : Chermine Assadian
  • Producer : Benoit Niaudet
  • Account Director : Marc Saint-Ouen
  • Strategic Planner : Benoit Lozé
  • Advertiser's Supervisor : Philippe Lamoureux
  • Advertiser's Supervisor : Nicole Civatte
  • Advertiser's Supervisor : Anne-Juliette Serry


  • Festival Européen de la Communication Responsable 2007 : WinnerSocial Communication, Human Ressources, Training, Health
  • Top Com Corporate Business 2007 : Gold Top ComCampaign: Public Interest
  • Grand Prix Stratégies de Communication 2006 : WinnerCorporate Advertising: Public Interest Campaigns
  • Prix de la campagne citoyenne 2006 : Prix de la campagne citoyenneAuthorities and affiliates