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Music in the Sky - Air France - agence BETC Paris


Prick up your ears ! The sky has something to tell you. Known and appreciated by music fans for its sharp selections and exclusive content, Air France Music has decided to make you lift your head up with its iPhone and Android app : « Music in the Sky ». Exclusive pieces of music are hidden in the clouds, you can find them and enrich your playlists by lifting your iPhone up to the sky. From Paris to Tokyo passing through Buenos Aires, the sky in every region has its own tracks. Several times throughout the year, you’ll be able to discover unreleased tracks, as well as the chance to win concert or airline tickets, if you can find the games hidden in the sky. With this app, you’ll never look at the sky in the same way again ! The app can be downloaded for free for iphone and for Android.


  • Annonceur : Air France
  • Marque : Air France
  • Type de média : Digital
  • 1ère diffusion : Novembre 2012
  • Pays : france
  • Date de mise en ligne : 7 mars 2014


  • Agence : BETC Paris
  • Type d'agence :
  • Creative Director : Florence Bellisson
  • Art Director : Alexandre Saad
  • Art Director : Esteban Lebouc
  • Art Director : Sébastien Partika
  • Copywriter : Guillaume Rebbot
  • Copywriter : Edouard Olhagaray
  • Director : Guillaume Didier
  • Strategic Planner : Sébastien Houdusse
  • Account Manager : VALENTIN BECK
  • Account Manager : Tiphaine Du Plessis
  • Account Manager : Valérie Albou
  • Advertising Manager : Catherine Masson
  • Advertising Manager : Caroline Fontaine
  • Advertising Manager : Christine Micouleau


  • Midem Marketing Competition 2014 : Bronze Award
  • Grand Prix Stratégies du Marketing Digital 2012 : Prix Applications de marque
  • Prix Club des Directeurs Artistiques 2012 : Prix Applicatif Mobile