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How to transform a personal credit services brand into a ‘love brand’?

By challenging the rules of the sector, with a positioning that converts them into a unique actor: a partner for life. By rethinking the brand’s strategy from the ground up, aiming at an empowered target, and promoting the client’s self-management; a real, expert and multi-channel partnership.
A complete and innovative product: LA CUENTA DE CRÉDITO. We worked on a new and smart product architecture and a transparent visual and verbal identity that connects emotionally and stylistically with contemporary values.


  • Annonceur : COFIDIS
  • Marque : COFIDIS
  • Type de média : Packaging, Marque & Design, Identité / Digital, Social media
  • Pays : france
  • Date de mise en ligne : 6 avril 2020


  • Agence : Image de Marque