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ADWEEK- French Crowds Give Chase to Try McDonald’s Improved Burgers

French Crowds Give Chase to Try McDonald's Improved Burgers

The campaign from TBWAParis features comedic scenes inspired by movie situations

Quick-service restaurant giant McDonald’s’s is on a mission in France to improve its menu to the point where its burgers are so irresistible that people chase their customers to try them.

Created by TBWAParis, the 70-second campaign ad named “Chase” features customers chowing down on one of the burgers, including a cop and a hospital patient, only for passersby to catch a glimpse of their food and hunt them down to try it.

Directed by Tom Kuntz, the spot includes situations inspired by scenes from genre films, communicating that the burgers now include notable improvements such as more melted cheese, steaks cooked with onions, warmer breads and more sauce in the Big Mac.


“All around the world, McDonald’s has started to improve its classic burgers—not one massive change, but an accumulation of improvements,” executive creative director Faustin Claverie told ADWEEK.

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