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SHOOT THE RULES - Panasonic - agence Proximity


LUMIX provokes customers by challenging them to give free rein to their creative powers by taking part in the first torture test of the G range: “SHOOT THE RULES”, unleash your creativity!
With a “manifesto-style” TV & viral commercial, LUMIX sets viewers a new challenge: to create more spontaneous and instinctive photos & videos. Following an alternative media campaign and social media strategy, a street artists’ collective sets out, armed with LUMIX cameras, to take up the challenge: photo series, short films, tutorials and interviews… A movement is born!

Too expensive, too heavy, too complex… Nikon, Canon, Minolta… would all have us believe we need a sophisticated camera in order to take good photos. Lumix, the market leader in compact cameras, has decided to defy this diktat by launching a genuine innovation: a new range of cameras combining the best features of compact and reflex models. LUMIX G HYBRID MICRO 4×3 range.
In the face of already well established competitor brands, how is it possible to impose a new vision of photography and video and in this way create a market for the LUMIX HYBRID 4×3 range?


  • Annonceur : Panasonic
  • Marque : Panasonic
  • Type de média : Étude de cas
  • 1ère diffusion : Mai 2010
  • Pays : france
  • Date de mise en ligne : 1 mars 2014


  • Agence : Proximity
  • Type d'agence :

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