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ROSE by Carte Noire - agence Proximity


Carte Noire is the leading coffee brand in the French market. In 2013, they wanted to offer digital mums what they all want: recipes. The problem is: the Internet is full of recipes, and to be honest, they are not necessarily attractive. So how to be remarkable ?


Let’s disrupt the recipe world with a pinch of porn! Introducing COULEUR CAFÉ, 4 films turning everyday tutorials into a yearning for cooking. First, Yellow. Then  Red. Continuing with Green. And finally, Carte Noire launched Rose. A recipe so irresistible that it became a worldwide bombshell.


With a unique e-mail and absolutely no media investment, the results were mind blowing: 3 million views on YouTube for the series, more than 7 million total views across all video platforms, 20.000 subscribers on the Carte Noire YouTube channel, more than 800 articles, a success overflowing beyond national borders.


  • Type de média : Digital, Social media / Étude de cas / Digital, Film Web
  • 1ère diffusion : Juin 2013
  • Pays : france
  • Date de mise en ligne : 19 juin 2014


  • Agence : Proximity
  • Type d'agence :
  • Executive Creative Director : Valérie Lévy Harrar
  • Associate Creative Director : Audrey Tamic
  • Art Director : Rémi Jamin
  • Music Composer : Aymeric Lepage
  • Art Buyer : Francine Jiminiga
  • Managing Director : Emmanuel Devezeaux
  • Account Director : Aude Beauvallet
  • Project Manager : Anne-Sophie Riou
  • Director : M.Roulier
  • Director : P.Lhomme


  • HITS CB NEWS 2013 : 1 étoile

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