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News de l'agence HEREZIE Group

Haeresis (erezi) noun (gr. Haeretikos, “able to choose”)

6 août 2010

Herezie is an independent agency founded by 3 highly experienced and business-minded partners:

Andrea Stillacci : a highly awarded Creative Director with a Degree in Economic Sciences and a Masters at the INSEADLuc Wise : a Strategic Planner with an impressive Brand Building track record and a Masters Degree from the Cambridge UniversityPierre Callegari : a seasoned businessman and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the French advertising market

Our management team has strong know-how in local and global communications, including acclaimed work for automotive brands such as Volkswagen, Renault, Lancia, Mazda and Seat.

At Herezie, we believe that in order to emerge and prosper in today’s ever changing environments, businesses and brands need a dose of “heretical” thinking : ideas that challenge and reshape the existing “orthodoxy”. We must no longer do business as usual, because today’s business is – fundamentally - unusual.

And at Herezie we are convinced that the most effective ideas in all fields of human achievement –business, fashion, art, music, science or sport – have always been heretical.

That is why our multicultural and multidisciplinary agency is devoted to creating decisive business solutions for their clients: impactful ideas which are engaging, effective and media agnostic.