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Faites-vous du bien : Campagne Presse - Weight Watchers France - agence Peoplewelike


While Weight Watchers has been a global market leader in the weight loss category since 1963, the brand has been left behind by new generation of digital fitness and diet solutions. How can we modernise and re-introduce Weight Watchers to the French consumer again?


We needed to transform the Weight Watchers experience with a holistic and modern approach to living life – eat smarter, move more and take care of yourself – and shift the conversation from being about just weight loss to being about the positive power of looking and feeling your best.


  • Integrated advertising successfully re-introduced the brand in a fresh, modern and relevant way.
  • Website Traffic increased by +20% over the winter campaign.
  • E-commerce conversion increased by +10% .
  • The campaign helped energise the company with a sense of pride and belief in the brand again.


  • Annonceur : Weight Watchers
  • Marque : Weight Watchers France
  • Type de média : Presse & publications
  • Pays : france
  • Date de mise en ligne : 28 septembre 2016


  • Agence : Peoplewelike
  • Type d'agence :

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