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Welcome to Sarenza - agence M&CSAATCHI.GAD

Sarenza declares its love for shoes in a European TV campaign:

“We feel shoes – we love shoes – we are shoes”

Out of love for shoes and its dear customers, Sarenza speeds up its international development and release a TV campaign within 6 countries simultaneously: Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain – after the most significant fundraising of 74 million of Euros in 2014 and the launch of its own brand.

When TV campaign goes with a European conquest

The advertisement made by M&CSaatchi.GAD, produced by Iconoclast and carried out by Canada is a contemporary and stylish tale between “The Devil wears Prada” and “Alice in Wonderland”. This major TV campaign, launched simultaneously within 6 European countries, demonstrates the company’s ambitions.

Sarenza in figures is 200 employees from 12 different nationalities, fascinated by shoes, all based in Paris – 750 available brands including Sarenza brand – 4 million customers counting 98.4% who declare their intention to buy again at Sarenza – a company that exports in 26 countries and has sold more than 10 million of products since its creation.

“2014 is a pivotal year for Sarenza as today 2/3 of revenue has been made in France and 1/3 in Europe. The fundraising will be invested in majority to conquer European markets, aiming to invert the turnover distribution trend within the next 5 years and hit a 500 million of Euros turnover. The European TV campaign marks the beginning of this new adventure based under a success story that goes from French to European” comments Stéphane Treppoz – CEO.

Welcome to Sarenza

The advertisement tells the story of a young lady’s first day at Sarenza who discovers, amazed, what’s hidden behind the shoe pure-player scene: a team passionate with its product and devoted to its customers. A unique DNA that astutely sums up the new signature: “We feel shoes – we love shoes – we are shoes”.


  • Type de média : Télévision & Cinéma
  • 1ère diffusion : Octobre 2014
  • Pays : europe
  • Date de mise en ligne : 16 octobre 2014


  • Agence : M&CSAATCHI.GAD
  • Type d'agence :

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