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Film – pub – digital – luxe – cosmetics – beauté – monde - Guerlain - agence dentsumcgarrybowen Paris

mcgarrybowen Paris accompanied Guerlain on its cross-channel communication strategy for the relaunch of its skincare best-seller, Abeille Royale, huile en eau jeunesse.

Guerlain wanted to reaffirm its scientific legitimacy, and so « The Secret of the Black Bee » tells the story of this fabulous and carefully preserved insect and the expertise of the brand in extracting the best from what the bees produce.

mcgarrybowen Paris produced a movie, with on-site footage and exquisite 3D animation, and an H5 WeChat interactive experience, where the user had to « follow » the bee with gestures to progress through the storytelling. We ramped up the campaign with events on Facebook and Instagram, and influence and media guidelines.


  • Annonceur : Guerlain
  • Marque : Guerlain
  • Type de média : Digital, Publicité sur Internet
  • 1ère diffusion : Janvier 2017
  • Pays : monde
  • Date de mise en ligne : 24 février 2020


  • Agence : dentsumcgarrybowen Paris
  • Type d'agence :

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