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Technicolor - TECHNICOLOR - agence gyro:


ASSIGNMENT From Thomson to Technicolor: a new image, from B2C browngoods to B2B high-tech.

INSIGHT The best technology is the one you can feel, not see.

STRATEGY Life driving Technicolor technology.

CONCEPT Technicolor brings ideas to life

APPROACH Logo, on and offline graphic guidelines, B2B and B2C audiovisual identity, website, brochures, etc. for a global rollout.

RESULTS A highly successful brand change with teams and external targets.


  • Annonceur : TECHNICOLOR
  • Marque : TECHNICOLOR
  • Produit : TECHNICOLOR
  • Type de média : Presse & publications
  • Pays : royaume-uni
  • Date de mise en ligne : 20 février 2014


  • Agence : gyro:
  • Type d'agence :

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