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Erase your fears with Honda

14 mai 2013

The Enduropale du Touquet is the toughest and most famous enduro race in Europe. Every year, 1200 racers overcome their fears to start at the long & scary departure line, on the beach of Le Touquet, in the North of France.

Honda pays hommage to their courage, with an unprecedented operation developed by DDB Paris.

On the day of the race, the largest sand headline ever done (1000 square meters) was designed on the beach next to the starting line of the race. The headline was a message to the racers and said "Leave your fears behind". It was seen on location by the 200 000 visitors, live on 3 different TV channels, and on the evening national news.

Today Honda is launching the film "The Centaur", shot on location on 3rd February, the day of the race. "The Centaur" is an hommage to how the bikers become one with their machine in order to overtake their fears. The film was launched on Facebook with the participation of the Honda Moto France fans.