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TOTAL QUARTZ lubricants. Bring out your engine’s potential.

15 janvier 2013

TOTAL is launching a large-scale international campaign for its TOTAL Quartz engine lubricants (Total Activa en France) that showcases its expertise and the superior quality of its products, by communicating that TOTAL QUARTZ does more than just protect or clean engines: Total lubricant brings out the engine’s full potential and improves its performance and yield.

More than just featuring the product, the campaign conveys the brand’s impact and emergence. This is a goal for TOTAL as it continues to build consumer awareness in emerging countries in Asia, MiddleEast, South America and Eastern Europe, etc.

For the global launch, TOTAL and its agency CLM BBDO thought up a TV, Print, Outdoor, Radio and Online campaign. The commercial is the prequel to the highly successful first Total film, Robot, released in 2010. TOTAL and CLM opted to capitalise on a character that stuck in viewers’ minds, while grounding it more in reality. The new work is explanatory, saying who the robot is and where it came from, and embodies the product claim: with Total lubricant, your engine comes to life and fulfils its potential.

Directed by Markus Walter, shot in Vancouver and post-produced by Mikros, the commercial uses the codes of movies with impressive special effects. It’s all the more spectacular as the robot runs through a range of landscapes, over railways,through forests and into an urban environment.

Print and Outdoor visuals are based on the same concept. In the end, the robot hero becomes the ambassador for TOTAL Lubricants’ communication, with an identity founded on strong, modern and technological values.