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Mirinda Free : Your Fun Side

19 mars 2013

Sometimes we all get that spontaneousimpulse to let go, be a little bold and give in to spontaneous fun. Don’t you wish that you surrendered to this playfulness more often?

Mirinda is the exuberant orange flavoured carbonated soft drink. It sees the brighter side of life. We see every step as an opportunity to splash in a puddle andevery railing as a potential slide. With Mirinda you can find enjoyment anywhere!

Originating from Spain, Mirinda is now an international brand with numerous flavours being enjoyed across India, China, Mexico, Egypt, KSA, Argentina, among others. Bubbly and bright, it motivates social teenagers to seek a new perspective on the, all too often, rigid real world and to seek out and play on opportunities to have some innocent fun.

2013 sees this playful spirit return to remind you to jump back into this delicious fun! PepsiCo and CLM BBDO have launched three new TV advertisements that work as sequels to the much-loved Free Your Fun Side campaign from early 2012. The three TVCs see two young guys getting on with their everyday jobs. In each scenario we see that it only takes a sip of Mirinda to Free Your Fun Side, or in other words, to seize any opportunity to play an innocent prank that injects a dose of innocent fun and hilarity.

These anecdotes of teenage fun are sure to brighteneverybody’s lives by unleashing the playful child within us all and inspiring us to live, play and laugh with friends whenever and wherever.

The three new TV ads, “Garden”, “Concert” and “Garage”, have been shot across various locations in Los Angeles by director Hamish Rothwell and we’re bringing the hilarity back across Asia, Central and South America and the Middle East.