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Déploiement international – 65dB s’implante à Tokyo

3 janvier 2020

TBWA Hakahudo Japan Establishes 65DB Tokyo, A Unique Data Analytics Arm for Deeper Strategic Understanding

TBWAHakuhodo Japan has announced the launch of 65dB TOKYO, a social media monitoring, listening and analytics arm, to bring real consumer conversation to the heart of its strategic capabilities.

65dB was acquired by TBWAGroup in 2018, and is now expanding across the global network, including France and South Africa. The name derives from the average volume level of human conversation – 65 decibels.

The new offering focuses on developing marketing strategy based on deep social media conversation analysis. Millions of publicly available online conversations are funneled through its proprietary social listening and analytical tools, extracting valuable insights into the hearts and minds of consumers and how they interact with brands and competition. These insights then inform and drive brand and business strategies rooted in consumer needs and desires.

65dB TOKYO will work in tandem with TBWAHAKUHODO’s global creative muscle, providing holistic creative solutions for brands.

Comment from François Vogel, President of 65dB PARIS“We are absolutely thrilled by the opening of 65dB in Japan. To support our global clients in the development of consumer-centric strategies, it’s crucial to be able to understand conversational trends and to identify consumer tribes in the Japanese market. 65dB PARIS and 65dB TOKYO will work closely together on common research and studies, supporting each other in the development of our consulting offer. We share the same conviction: in order to thrive, brands need to remain synchronized with their customers and the best way to anticipate their behavioral shifts is to stay alert to what they express in their conversations.”

Comment from Yuta Kanekiyo, Head of 65dB TOKYO: “These days, there isn’t a single topic that is not discussed on social media as people openly and actively express their views online – and we know these conversations can have great influence on consumer behaviours. I’ve spent my career thinking about how to best analyze this potent source of information to reveal deeper understanding of customer needs. Big data analysis simply isn’t enough. With 65dB TOKYO, TBWA has brought together a collective of professionals with truly world class analytical capabilities, and I’m sure this is going to be a crucial step in Japan’s marketing evolution.